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Hypothyroid and depression

Dear Friend,

I have struggled with depression for years, off and on. I always blamed it on my thyroid disease. You see, the symptoms are very similar. I have a thyroid disease called Hashimoto's Disease. It is degenerative hypothyroid condition. Hypothyroid requires consistent and constant thyroid hormone replacement therapy. One pill a day. For the rest of my life. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? The kicker is that sometimes my thyroid starts to fail. I get depressed, I lose energy, I gain weight. Sound familiar?

About four years ago I found myself in an abusive relationship. I shattered a glassed picture frame, and found myself sitting on the floor, holding a piece of glass, and wondering whether anyone would even care if I cut myself. I knew the one person I wanted to care would not. A friend talked me down from the crisis, and I realized that I had never felt suicidal. Not in all the worst downs of dealing with my thyroid disease. Several of my friends struggled with depression, and quite frankly, I was starting to act a lot like them. I became frightened. Depression was a scary thought. I waited until morning, then called my physician. She got me in to see her immediately. When I told her how I had been feeling, she did two things. She took a blood sample, so that she could verify my thyroid hormone level, and she wrote out a prescription for Zoloft. She even gave me samples, so I would be able to start immediately.

Here are some of the symptoms I experienced with both. If you have questions or have experienced more than one of the symptoms from either list, see a doctor immediately.



My whole world was upside down for a while. Finding the balance between thyroid hormone and antidepressant has been difficult, especially as my thyroid is once again deteriorating. The good news is that I have an excellent doctor, friends that care, and a Saviour who keeps me even in my worst days. On my worst days I feel inadequate, and wonder how anyone could love me, but Jesus always comes through.

Marjorie Sheldon

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