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Why answer these questions?

When someone you love is questioning things, fighting for a handhold in the maddening rush of life, what would you do? I set out on a quest - my goal was to answer any and all the questions that were asked of me in a manner that assumes as little as possible and that uses as little Christian jargon as possible. This quest has broadened its scope and it's target audience but remains essentially the same - I want to help people to find the truth of the Christian faith by answering honest questions and explaining what the bible has to say.

On a secondary note, I wanted to pull together a web site that deals very frankly with the problem of depression, as faced by Christians. The Christian Depression Pages website should cater for the needs and answer the questions of all those who are currently walking the rocky road of depression, looking for a roadsign to point the way out. I want it to cover:

This is a team effort and I owe a debt of thanks to my wife, Alison, for shouldering the main thrust of the challenge and creating the web site. I am 100% behind her to provide assistance and technical expertise as we seek to help those trying to beat depression and rebuild their faith.