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Books about Christian suffering

Books about depression, feelings, suffering, mental illness.

A Practical Workbook for the Depressed Christian

Author: Dr John Lockley
Publisher: Word Books
ISBN: 0-85009-237-X

Written by a British doctor, this book looks at the causes and effects of depression. Contains information on symptoms and treatments, and how to survive through it. One important insight the author gives is that God still loves you, even though you may feel like a failure to him. It is sensitive to the state of the depressed person, and is an excellent book. It is now available from Amazon UK.


Why do Christians shoot their wounded?

Author: Dwight Carlson
Publisher: OM Publishing
ISBN: 1-85078-234-2

Explains the attitude of some Christians towards mental/emotional illness, and also looks at some causes. Challenges some of the unhelpful teachings about mental illness (i.e. "It's your fault because you're in sin"). Provides an explanation of the biochemical and genetic factors that contribute to mental illness.

Healing for Damaged Emotions

Author: David A Seamands
Publisher: Alpha/Scripture Press
ISBN: 1-898938-35-0

Contains a lot of good information on perfectionism, how it affects us and how to deal with it. Also looks at the problem of low self-esteem.

When Heaven is Silent

Author: Ronald Dunn
Publisher: Word Books
ISBN: 0-85009-642-1

What do we do when it seems that God isn't answering, and we don't know what to do? The author uses his own experience of tragedy and depression to explain. Also shows how people in the Bible (Jacob, Job, David, Joseph and Jesus) dealt with their dark times. The author shows that we have the right to "...cry out in pain as Jesus did on the cross."

Disappointment with God

Author: Phillip Yancey
Publisher: Marshall Pickering
ISBN: 0-551-01868-2

Where is God during our emotional pain? This book asks and answers three questions - Is God silent? Is God hidden? Is God unfair?

Where is God when it Hurts?

Author: Phillip Yancey
Publisher: Marshall Pickering
ISBN: 0-551-02290-6

This book examines the question "If God is loving, how can he allow people to suffer?"

Excuse me, your rejection is showing

Author: Noel and Phyl Gibson
Publisher: Sovereign World International
ISBN: 1-85240-110-9

Rejection and spiritual warfare. Causes of rejection and how to deal with it.

Healing Women's Emotions

Author: Paula Sandford
Publisher: Victory House
ISBN: 0-932081-30-4

Coping with feelings, expressing your emotions, emotional wholeness. Easy to read.

When God Weeps

Author: Joni Eareckson Tada and Steven Estes
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House
ISBN: 0-310-21859-4

A compassionate and fascinating book about why our sufferings matter to God. Looks at many questions about suffering, including:
If God is loving, why is there suffering?
What's the difference between permitting something and ordaining it?
When bad things happen, who's behind them - God or the devil?

The Healing Power of Love

Author: Floyd McClung
Publisher: Kingsway
ISBN: 0-85476-669-3

God can use our pains to not only heal us, but to transform us into the person He wants us to be.

The Subtle Power Of Spiritual Abuse

Author: David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderen
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 1-55661-160-9

"Recognising and escaping spiritual manipulation and false spiritual authority within the church."