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Depression in Christians can be a taboo subject. Many people don't know much about mental illness or depression, even though it will affect one in every five people at some point in their lives. Christians are not immune to that statistic.

These articles look at various aspects of Christian life, how the church can help depressed Christians, life and faith as a depressed Christian, some of the issues, trials and obstacles we face, how we can help ourselves and others.

Articles have not been written by a medical professional, or a church pastor, unless otherwise stated. They represent the views of the writer only, not those of any church, denomination or organisation. Articles are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Christian Life

Gossip in church
How it feels to be the subject of gossip, and what you can do.

Forgiveness Myths
Do I forgive and forget? Do I have to like the one I forgave?

What is Spiritual Abuse?
A few people abuse their positions of spiritual authority.

Unity at any cost?
Should we all believe exactly the same things?

Is it a sin to be angry?

Performance-based spirituality
It looks good, but is it really spiritual?

Shoes of Gold
The presence of Jesus is a fertile soil for us to grow. His smiling grace helps us lay down our defences to receive His blessing for our inner child.

Tattoos and Bodyart
What does the Bible say? Why does it say that?

Life as a Christian with depression

The Church: Friend or Foe to Abuse Survivors?
Two radically different responses to survivors.

The Alpha Course
Putting my faith back together after depression.

Off-site articles

Exposing the Myth that Christians Should Not Have Emotional Problems
Christianity Today published this article by Dwight Carlson (author of "Why do Christians Shoot Their Wounded")

Christians and Depression
ChristianTeens published this article about depression and lists some resources