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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered questions so far:

Why is your spelling incorrect?

The site was written by people from England, therefore English spellings, not American spellings, are used throughout. The site has been spell-checked and will retain the English spellings.

Can I link to the Christian Depression Pages?

Yes, go ahead! This page has some guidelines for people linking to the site, and we would be grateful if you would use the feedback form to let us know where your site is.

How do I get you to link to my site?

The CDP will only link to web sites we feel are beneficial to visitors. All sites we link to are thoroughly read before being accepted, and if we do not feel your site is acceptable, we will not link to it. Repeated requests for us to link to your site will be ignored.

For us to consider a site, we need the following things:

Will you endorse or sell my book?

In short, no, the CDP will not promote or sell your book for you.

All books we link to have been reviewed by one of the CDP staff and we only include links to books we feel are of direct relevance to our visitors. To provide some measure of quality control, the books that we link to must be published by a mainstream publisher and have an (or similar bookseller) page.

We are not running this site for money and will not be bribed into linking to a book by profit sharing arrangements.

Repeated requests for book sales and links will be ignored.

Can I put one of your articles on my site?


As the linking policy clearly states:

You may not copy any of the files from this site to any computer, whether your own, belonging to your internet service provider, or belonging to anyone else.

You may not say this site is your own, or imply that this site is your own.

You may not publish these pages yourself.

We consider other people publishing our work to have stolen it. Yes, this has happened before. People are welcome to link to our work, but not to take it and put it on their site. That is a violation of copyright.

What services does your organisation offer?

The only service Christian Depression Pages can offer is this web site.

As stated in the disclaimer, we are not medical professionals, counsellors or pastors.

We cannot counsel you, we cannot diagnose depression, we cannot visit you, we can only strongly advise that you see a medical professional as soon as possible.

Why do you use the New International Version of the Bible and not (insert any other translation here)?

On a practical viewpoint, visitors from countries like Saudi Arabia, Chile, Russia, Taiwan, Italy, Singapore etc., people who are not native English speakers, may have a hard time with the vocabulary in some older English translations. Since the site is international, it makes sense to use a modern, country-non-specific version of the Bible. The NIV is also one of the most popular translations for native English speakers as well.

On a theological viewpoint, the NIV is a theologically conservative translation, recognized as such by many conservative Christian organizations. The translators were from many denominations, so this translation avoids certain denomination-specific theological slants.

How can I support the Christian Depression Pages?

The Christian Depression Pages doesn't accept financial donations, but if you would like to help the organisation that gives us web space and hosting, please consider supporting Gospel Communications International by going to this page.

(Christian Depression Pages is a member of the Gospelcom Alliance of Christian ministeries, which is a part of Gospel Communications International.)